Review M88 Casino Online

Review M88 Casino Online

If anyone has ever placed on betting, you can’t miss M88 Casino Online. It is an Asia online casino with a wide range of options for your reference like: casino table game, slot machine, poker and especially sports betting.

Sine its established and licensed by the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority and the UK Gambling Commission, it is considered as one of the favorite betting site for the Asian market. In this article, we will give comments and reviews about this site.

Source of games from M88 Casino

This site has not focused only one major field, it offers other types of games to make a various source of games for players.

Almost games on this system are ordered and created by top software developers in the technology market, therefore, they are highly appreciated about features and design.

We can list some favorite games in this betting site like: machine slots, casino table game, jackpot slot, scratch card, poker and sport betting. In general, they offer both traditional games and modern games to meet enough demands of customers.

In addition, per game should be focused to design graphic, content and configuration carefully to make more effectively for users. In general, diversity of game source is one of the key reasons to make more impression and attraction to many people.

Banking option from by M88 Casino

In general, M88 Casino offer a wide range of banking option to serve many people from other nations. However, it separates system of deposit and withdraws. It can be different. In addition, you can be charged fee for another transaction. It’s better that you search information carefully to avoid wasting money.

Some reliable banking you can use like MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, Paysafe Card, Trustly or Neteller.

Review about 18Bet Casino for everyone

Review about 18Bet Casino for everyone

Anyone prefer watching sports matches and place on betting, 18Bet is one of the most wonderful choice for among sites on Casino Malaysia Online. With long experience for doing business in this field, founder of 18Bet concentrates on placing on sport betting professionally. You can find many events of other sports on 18Bet Casino. Therefore, someone says that 18Bet Casino Site is the betting home for everyone.

In this article, we will continue to review about 18Bet Casino site. In the previous article, we refer how to place on 18Bet. Now let discuss about promotions as well bonus from this site on Malaysia Casino Online.

For new members, no need to surprise when you can receive maximum 150% welcome bonus. It should be separated into 2 parts. In the first deposit, you receive up to 30$, equivalent to 100% welcome bonus. The second deposit is maximum 50$ for the remained amount. The process to refund is really simple. You send one message with the code supplied by this site. Then money will be automatically sent to your account. You can use it to wager any sports you like.

According to royal customers, 18Bet also operates great promotions to maintain them. For example, they offer 100% cashback for players without coupon. This amount can be up to 30$ for any goal since the 88th minute. To be refunded it, you need to send one email with text content “88+ Minute”.

Another example about policy of 18Bet Online Malaysia Casino. When you pick up one and make deposit officially. You can get bonus code surprisingly. It’s random from the system. This code is BLACK50 or RED100. For any lucky person, he can get up to 200$ for BLACK50 code and 50$ for RED100 code. It’s a dramatical sum to practice and place on it for the next time.

How do professional players play blackjack in online casino? (Part 3)

How do professional players play blackjack in online casino? (Part 3)

Also, due to the special nature of the A card, it may be 1 or 11 points whichever is more beneficial, so it is also considered separately. Looking at the table above, for example you have a card and a card 9, while the dealer’s card is a 6, then you should be confident that the Double bet.

Playing blackjack online according to these tables may seem a bit difficult and boring at the beginning of the game, but as soon as you get acquainted, you will know the rules as in the palm of your hand because these principles really have relate to each other and can be deduced if you have a specific internship time. Be persistent and calm as you practice playing this strategic online card game.

4. Control time and finances

When participating in online casino games for the purpose of entertainment and relaxation, or make sure you already know how much you are willing to spend, how much time for these games before you play. Although there will be times when you are ‘overplayed’, because of the appeal of these games.

But keep moderation when playing blackjack online or games Other online gambling. Because as soon as you get involved with the ‘remove money’ and ‘revenge’ mentions, the game is completely entertaining and you will lose more than you can. When writing a tutorial on how to play Blackjack, we hope and trust that you will do well.

The method of playing Blackjack, also known as online blackjack, above has been compiled and agreed upon by experienced players at the house. In addition to the basic principles such as understanding the law, time and financial management, choosing a reputable house, there are tactical guides drawn from experience and probability problems.


Hopefully, the article is useful for you. Good luck with the online casino games!

Review about 18Bet betting casino for everyone

Review about 18Bet betting casino for everyone

If you are fan of betting on sport, 18Bet is a good suggestion. 18Bet is considered as one of the most well-known sites about online casino with profession, development as well attractive prizes for winners. Furthermore, this site complies rightly the regulation for any gambler, so you can completely be confident and reliable when making your money for this deal. Don’t forget that 18Bet is only welcoming anyone is older than 18 years old.

18Bet is operated under the licenses and certificated of the Netherlands Antilles government of Curacao. The site can offer the top modern games 24/7 as above recommendations as well provide interesting odds which is up to millions around sport events and sport betting according.

To click more information about this site, you can ask assistance from email, live chat or direct call to the customer service center.

How to place betting on 18Bet online casino

For mobile players, you can access easily the site through 18Bet’s dedicated mobile portal. On this site, you can search any information about pre-match or live sporting match of almost championship and tournament in the world. They also broadcast the schedule daily for customers to follow conveniently. It’s easy and simple to watch and place on betting at 18Bet for any match you prefer. Of course this match is on betting list of 18Bet.

One thing you should remember that this site is not welcome the UK gamblers so any UK-based players can’t access to place betting for any sport event.

Before you are legal to place on your favorite sport team, you need to register an account as well make deposit to it through some kinds of banking option such as Skrill, Neteller, MasterCard, Visa, Entropay or Paysafecard. In general, 18Bet offers enough kind of modern banking option to make convenience for transaction. They also don’t charge any fee for deposit to encourage more gamblers to log in it. According to other term of payment, 12Bet online casino will apply different min and max deposit. You should follow the public table for deposit on the site to know about your amount and your bank. As familiar to deposit, withdrawals at 18Bet is very convenient because their system are connected to all banking systems in the world.

How do professional players play blackjack in online casino? (Part 2)

How do professional players play blackjack in online casino? (Part 2)

3. Understand how to make decisions when playing blackjack online

This online casino game has interactive options between the player and the house that can directly affect and change the end result of the game. So it’s important to understand these options and when to use them.

The tactics below, though not the ‘Law of the Sun’, make you win the bet continuously (none of the strategies will help you win at all), but it is gathered from experience and solutions. Probability problem, it gives you higher odds of winning. However, if you sometimes want to ‘get rid of the way’, then go ahead, because if you are playing entertainment and just play by the formula, it is boring.

When you have a pair and are wondering if you should split, see the strategy table for the pair below:

For example, if you have 2 9s, and the dealer has turned 1, you immediately choose a Split, you are likely to win and double your advantage. If you have 2 10-point cards (10, J, Q, K) then Stop at (Stand) immediately without thinking no matter what the dealer’s turned card.

The table also shows that, if you have an 8 or lower score that is not a double in the above cases, then Deal the card (Hit) always and immediately.

In case you don’t have pairs and have 9 or more points, here are the reference tactics for you. If you have 13 points, and the dealer has a 2, then rest assured even though 13 points is not a high score.

Note that when the house reaches 17 points or more, they will stop (Stand) regardless of your score. For example, you have 20 points, they are having 18 points, if they stop, they will lose immediately, if divided further they still have a chance. But they always stop when they have 17 or more points, no matter how many points you have. So if you reach 17 or above, stand and stop now.

Review about 12Bet Casino

Review about 12Bet Casino

Among the betting sites in the world, 12Bet Casino is considered one of the most famous betting sites with many benefits and advantages for customer, especially for the Asia market. In this article, we will continue to share review detail about 12Bet Casino. Don’t ignore it if you have intention to place betting online.

in the previous article, we refer to bonus and betting odds in 12Bet Casino. Now, we will discuss checking out at this Casino.

When you signing up at this site, you will the number 3 everywhere in site.

Firstly, you have 3 times for 100$ deposit bonuses. This welcome bonus is only given for new players and also valid within one week from the date of signing. Therefore, you should not hesitate to placing betting to take advantage of this bonus. In this site, they design to separate into other categories such as slots, table games and video poker. They are stored by keno, scratch cards, bingo and some others.

Secondly, they have 3 menu options and 3 major casino sections to place betting. Note that slots in betting casino has a wide range of functions and challenge for entertaining games to choose from it. Don’t forget to try Mystic Dreams, Mayan Princess, Eagle’s Wings, Loose Cannon, Nashville and Major Millions.

Rolling the wheel is a good choice for your recommendation. It is on table game and video poker. When you play American Roulette, European Roulette or Premier Roulette Diamond Edition, you can use this function. Besides it, other version of blackjack like Limit European, Classic Blackjack Gold or Blackjack Multihand should be good recommendations for your option.

12Bet Casino is always improved to develop games better and smoothly. Therefore, they are working in progress effectively. Thanks for collection of big bookies in the UK, this betting site will continue to make more reputation and success in the future.

How do professional players play blackjack in online casino? (Part 1)

How to play Blackjack in online casino has been specifically introduced by us in another article. If you need to know it, please read it again.

In today’s article, how to play blackjack online at the best online casinos, which is concluded by professional players who have had longtime experiences playing blackjack in online casino.

Let’s check out the useful tips from professional players below!

1. Know the rules very well

This is always the first recommendation whenever we instruct to play any game or do any work. Never should you ‘hold the light in front of the car’, do everything you need to know its rules.

If you’re new to ‘trying to get 21 points’ as a drone, then please read our Blackjack guide carefully before reading the online blackjack strategies below. Because if you read it, you do not understand anything.

2. Choose a reputable casino and trust them

There are many online bookmakers operating in Vietnam offering online blackjack, but which one is reputable is another story. with the experience of veteran players guarantees to give you a list of ‘reputable bookmakers’ for you to choose and comfortably enjoy games not just Blackjack without having to worry. worry about their reputation.

Dealers such as M88, Dafabet, Fun88, W88, Empire777, HappyLuke are reputable bookmakers that have worked for a long time, you can freely play in their free area to practice playing Blackjack, and recharge if desired.

In addition, there are a number of websites that impersonate these bookmakers to cheat your deposit, so please pay attention to these bookmakers via our link provided to ensure your safety when play online games. If you play while you’re nervous, there’s nothing interesting and we are here to help.

How to play blackjack at the Empire777 online casino (Part 1)

How to play blackjack at the Empire777 online casino (Part 1)

Blackjack is a highly tactical card game that is not entirely based on luck like other common money games at the house. This game always has a huge amount of ‘fans’ at online bookies and even real casinos. So how to experience this game at one of the most prestigious bookmakers now, Empire777?

As a house that only focuses on online casino products and ignores sports betting entirely, Empire777 builds a lively gaming world with a variety of games and styles. Here, players can play blackjack in two different areas.

This area includes popular Casino games such as Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Sicbo, etc. The characteristic of this area is that players play with the system, the results are given completely randomly by the computer system. With the prestige of the Empire777 house, there’s nothing to worry about whether they control the outcome or not, which is absolutely none.

Unfortunately, this house does not allow you to try the games in this area for free like other bookies. Here, players bet and make decisions slowly, with no time limit (as long as not too long, 15 or 20 minutes for example). Players can calmly make decisions without worrying about running out of time.

There are many different blackjack gaming tables, but in fact they are all one, developed by many different vendors and Empire777 to bring them all for you to choose freely.


The Multi-hand Blackjack allows you to increase the tempo of the game with 5 different hands, each game you will handle all 5 hands and all these 5 cards compare directly with the house.

Play blackjack in the Live Casino area

This area is like the world without sleep at online casinos. Here, players play cards directly with the dealer with real cards, true cards, real results. The only thing is that the player and the dealer are connected via the Internet, the player tracks the live video stream and the results are processed simultaneously.

Review about 12Bet Casino

Review about 12Bet Casino


Among the gambling markets in the world, 12Bet Casino is always the best choice for many players, especially the UK-based bettors. In general, 12Bet Casino is top leading betting site operated and managed by TGP Europe Ltd. They have been provided a gaming license from the UK Gambling Commission.

They focus on build up image and brand by sponsoring many big competitions like World Open, the UK Championships and the English Badminton Championships. Besides, they also become sponsor for some famous football clubs like Sevilla, Wigan Athletic, West Bromwich Albion, Crystal Palace, Hull City or Birmingham City.

In this article, we will continue to share basic information about 12Bet Casino.

1st: Bonus

In general, 12Bet Casino offers freely available bet for gamblers, not only old deposit bonus. This feature makes more interesting for everyone. In general, 12Bet players get a free welcome bonus up to 35$. You have to remember that you should use credit or debit card for this bonus. This is compulsory condition to make the first deposit. It’s eligible to receive bonus.

After finishing the first deposit, gamblers have to stake 6 qualifying bets with minimum 10$. When you settle 6th bets, you should contact to customer service to get the token deposit. In general, you can receive maximum up to 35$ for total 6 bets. You can receive free bet within 24 hours after you complete to notify customer service. This offer only is valid within 5 days of getting bonus in your account.

2nd: Betting odds

Compared with betting odds with other betting sites, 12Bet Casino offer great odds, even some unique odds for kind of gamblers or depending on other occasions. 12Bet Casino gives competitive odds. You can check Asian Handicap odds to know their betting odds. Especially, they specialize in the Asian market such as football. The fact that, 12Bet Casino is granted as masters of the Asian handicap betting system.

Detailed guide to playing baccarat at Malaysia online casino (Part 2)

Detailed guide to playing baccarat at Malaysia online casino (Part 2)

If the Player does not divide further (the Player has 6 or 7 points), then the Banker door will only be divided if there is a score of 2 of the current cards less than 6. If there are 6 points and the Player’s score is 7 then still stopped without further division.

Where Player has an additional split, this is the most complicated step in Baccarat. At this time, if the Player’s 3rd card is as follows.

9, A, or 10 or more

Banker hand dealt more cards when the score is less than 3, from 3 or more stops.

2 or 3

Banker door is further divided when the total current score is less than 5, from 5 or more stops.

4 or 5

Divide if the number of the first 2 points is less than 6, if there are 6 or 7 points, stop, do not divide.

6 or 7

Split the Banker door when the number of points is smaller than 7 and stop only when there are 7 points.

If the Player’s third card is an 8 card, the card will be divided further by Banker when this card has a score smaller than 3, and the rest will not be divided when 3 or more points are given.

The method of reviewing Banker cards is summarized in the following table.

The first column is the value of the third card of the Player door, the next column is the number of points at which this level the Banker card will divide another card, the next column is when the Banker’s door stops and does not divide further.

After reviewing the Banker hand, the total score of each card is compared and decided whether the game result is Banker winning, Player winning or Tie (Tie).

Online Casino address to play Baccarat for free

In Malaysia today, there are a number of online casino bookmakers offering free Baccarat tables, such as M88 and Dafabet. In their Casino area, there are free tables, giving players an example for players to practice the rules and familiarize themselves with the steps and atmosphere at online casinos.

In addition, if you are familiar with Baccarat rules and want to increase the dramatic in each game, you can recharge at online Casino to play entertainment. Especially when you deposit money, you can play at online casino games, play real cards, share real cards, real people are broadcast live via the website system, giving you a feeling like in real casinos.