The rules of Blackjack and some mistakes that make players lose

The rules of Blackjack and some mistakes that make players lose

Players who want to join the Blackjack game just need to prepare a set of Poker cards to discard the 2 “kings” and “queen”, besides playing capital, so they can “create a casino”.

First, there must be a dealer who acts as a dealer, and this dealer also acts as the dealer. While playing, everyone can take turns as the house, of course, can also appoint a specialist who acts as the dealer. With each card, no matter what the quality is, you just need to care about the score on it. For each “shape” of J, Q, and K is counted as 10 points, with cards from 2-10, the score will correspond to the score printed on the card. For A card, it can be counted as 1 point or 11 points depending on the player’s choice. It can be said that A is the most versatile card in Blackjack.

After understanding how the points of each card is dealt, the dealer can act the cards. Until the house is changed, there will be no cards. In the beginning, the dealer will give one person a card face down, eventually, the dealer will give one card. The player may turn over to see their cards, but the dealer may not turn.

The two most common errors of Blackjack players are too high expectations and do not know how to spread the risk.

First of all, it should be said in today’s society that not knowing how to disperse risks is the main cause of human unfortunate failures, investors often invest too much, with high frequency and forget to learn. Reality is not like a dream, after losing the investor even took too much time to detect the aforementioned mistake, at this time maybe everything has become belated.

The time to play the Blackjack games is very short, so the player can quickly feel the consequences of the centralized bet. If you do not pay attention and the bet results are not as expected, the capital of Blackjack players may “fly without wings”.



(PART 1- Online Casino Games are ranked third to fifth)

During the development of society, we are familiar with online casino games. It seems fun and make money for player. Thanks to these benefits, many player in over the world are interested with betting on online casino game.

Researched that 2018 is a year with series success of casino games. We have collected and shared you top 5 the best online casino games. As sifted, the list shows the best games which are best-seller and best-attracted.

1/ Live Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker (ranked 5th)

It seems a tsunami making waves in the live casino market as soon as the first launching. It inspires from classic Texas Hold’em, player will not directly with dealers and even there is no bet following the river card.

The bonus is up to 1,000:1, so it really attracts the crowd of player. In addition, this game also supply with a progressive jackpot starting from 50,000. It is highly appreciated that it is one of the best live games to hit the market with mobile functionality in a super plush casino lounge.

2/ Age of The Gods Live Roulette (ranked 4th)

It is regarded as a roulette revolution in an awesome game. The producer took a mythical backdrop and talented croupiers to make a brilliant fun game. To boost interest and passion for player, it has combined with elements of strategy and slot-esque jackpot chances. So you feel that it seems a godly game.

Although it is launched in the end of 2018, its attraction and popularity are strong and impressive, we should list it as one of the most famous online casino games in 2018.

3/ Planet of The Apes Online Slot

This game is connection among the cinematic action and graphics of the movie’s stars. It built up all views of the film “Planet of the Apes” which is one of a smash hit in cinemas.

If you are fan of action film, you can’t ignore it.

Guide to playing Blackjack at Malaysia online casino in the most detail

Guide to playing Blackjack at Malaysia online casino in the most detail

BlackJack is a popular card game in online casinos. BlackJack is operated with two or more people, at Malaysia online casino you will play directly with the house. The goal of the blackjack player is to try to get the total points from the hand cards as close or as 21 points as possible but should not exceed 21 points. Below will guide you to playing blackjack at the online casino Malaysia for you.

If you don’t have an account, quickly register for a Malaysia online casino to place a bet on blackjack.

After successfully logging in, at the live casino house website interface, click on the Table game section, there are many blackjack games for you to choose from.

Rules for calculating points of Blackjack at Malaysia online casino

Cards 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10: the number of points corresponding to the number.

The cards are J, Q, K: each card has 10 points.

A card: can be counted as 1 A card 11, 2 A card or more 1

When playing blackjack at the Malaysia online casino, players will have many choices to play at the Table Game or Live BlackJack (Dealer). And yet, each form will have different Blackjack genres, ranging from classic to traditional and modern variations.

If this is your first encounter with Blackjack, it is recommended that you try it out in Table Game, at Live Blackjack will allow players to try it for free, even trial experience without registering an account.

After passing the traditional Blackjack genre, you have to challenge yourself by participating in Blackjack variants such as American Blackjack, Lucky 7 Blackjack, Multi-Hand Blackjack, Perfect Pairs Blackjack, etc.

Above the article has guided online gambling to eat real money Malaysia online casino. When you are sure your operations are good and you know most of Blackjack tricks, make a bet to play and eat real money. Good luck!