Guide to play for real money at 188Bet online casino (Part 2)

Guide to play for real money at 188Bet online casino (Part 2)

Blackjack at 188bet

Blackjack has a very simple method and rules. This game is completely different from other online card games, instead of having to beat other players, Blackjack blackjack is played by defeating the dealer or the dealer of the dealer. Sounds very interesting, right?

Poker at 188bet

Poker is one of the most attractive online gambling games of all time. This casino card game even has tournaments held all over the world, with prizes up to millions of US dollars. There are many poker players at 188bet living well thanks to luck and constantly practicing every day, and you?

Roulette at 188bet

Roulette is not only one of the easiest online casino games to practice and play, and it is also one of the top exciting casino games at 188bet casino. Roulette is gradually developing to become one of the favorite games on the online casino market, at 188bet there is also a Live Dealer to give players the best online Roulette experience!

Among the online casino games, Dragon Tiger is an extremely interesting game and has the simplest way to play, but this is also the game that rarely appears at other online casino sites.

To meet the needs of most members, 188Bet casino has added the Dragon Tiger game to its online Casino, you can participate in playing tiger dragon easily and earn lots of winnings, all of which look wait for your luck as well as your clever tactics.

Step 4. How to withdraw money at casino 188bet when winning a bet

First, log into your account 188Bet and select Bank -> Withdraw.

Next, choose your Bank name and the amount you want to withdraw and then click Submit. Full Name The system will automatically retrieve your Full Name that you previously registered for the account, so the process of opening an account at 188Bet casino you need to enter it correctly.

Finally, you fill in the withdrawal account information such as Account Number, the Bank, the Amount and Password in the corresponding boxes that 188Bet requires, then click Continue to finish the withdrawal.

After about 60 minutes, the money will be transferred to ATM account and you will receive an E-mail confirming successful withdrawal from 188bet.

Thus, the above article has shown you how to play gambling real money online at 188bet easiest to understand. If you have any questions, please contact 188bet 24/7 counselor for quick answers. Good luck!

Guide to play for real money at 188Bet online casino (Part 1)

Guide to play for real money at 188Bet online casino (Part 1)

If you are new to casino 188Bet surely have a lot of information you have learned about this casino house.

First, it must be mentioned that 188Bet is currently ranked among the most prestigious bookmakers in Malaysia 2018 in the prestigious casino field. If you want to participate in gambling at this house, please refer to the steps in the article below.

Step 1. Register an online gambling account at the casino 188bet

To register, you need to access 188bet via the links to 188bet below

After accessing 188bet successfully, please register for your account by clicking on the registration box in the upper right corner of the screen. Then you fill out the required house information completely and accurately. The dealer will send a successful registration confirmation to you shortly.

You need to remember your username and password to log in to the casino 188bet next time and proactively secure your account like a bank account.

Step 2. Deposit money into account at 188bet casino

Next, proceed to deposit money to the account. Please chat with a counselor to get a bank account number then deposit money into the account. The first deposit you will receive a promotion for the first deposit and should choose the form of deposit through the bank such as direct bank or bank transfer.

Step 3. Choose your favorite card game at 188bet casino

188bet casino with over 320 exciting games, playing slot machine games, online lottery bets, keno bets, blackjack, online gambling for real money is very diverse, ensuring you will be satisfied when participating in the casino. Online article of 188bet.

Baccarat at 188bet

Bacarat bet at 188Bet will be started when the player places a bet on “Player”, “Banker” (Banker), or “Tie” (tie). In each game, 2 cards are dealt to Player and Banker.

In some tables people can bet on a player pair (a pair of players) or the banker pair (the dealer has a pair). Third card will not be dealt if Player or Banker card is 8 or 9 points. The total score is calculated in units of the total number of cards dealt.

Review about 188Bet site

Review about 188Bet site

As soon as 188Bet has been launched in 2006 in United Kingdom, it always keep top the best site for gambling all over the world. Thanks for good background as well public total certificate and policy to the Government, 188Bet is considered one of the best reliable site all the time.

This article will review overall about 188Bet. Hope that it is useful before you decide to choose this site for betting and gambling or not.

About deposits & withdrawals

The founder of 188Bet want to build up an international gambling site so you can change into any foreign languages you prefer. Estimated there are more than 20 languages for your options.

About currency, they also have available famous currency in the world like: USD, EUR, RMB, THB, VND, WON so on.

You can transact including deposit and withdrawals via other methods like: Credit, debit cards, banking transfer, cheque, fast bank transfer. It’s convenient and available for your demand.

About markets and odds

188Bet allows gambler make betting to different sports and almost cases with wide variety of opportunities for winning. It means that you can gamble all sports as your expectation eventuality.

Furthermore, it provides five odds formats professionally. It includes: decimal, fractional, Hong Kong, Indonesian and Malaysian. Some experts think that odds in 188Bet are one of the most quality service in the gambling business. Where gamblers have higher winning rate.

For example, on average one day, a gambler can earn max 500.000 USD while he only needs to make a small deposit. The fact that, profit margin for player is higher and more possible to reach winning.

About the rules

Only click of a button and follow instructions, you are easy to start betting gamble. The menu on screen will be display total odds and options for the different games. Remember that the odd is constantly being updated to protect max right of player.