The secret to win roulette when playing at Malaysia online casino (Part 3)

The secret to win roulette when playing at Malaysia online casino (Part 3)

5. Great Roulette tactics, but not “unmatched”

Now to the most advanced part of this article: Roulette playing tactics.

These are good betting strategies, summed up by the players. They will help you play Roulette effectively. But it should be noted that there is no “unbeaten” tactic, which can guarantee you always win every time you play Roulette.

Double betting strategy (Martingale)

Roulette double betting strategy – Martingale

Martingale is the most applicable betting model in the betting world. Many people prefer to follow this strategy because

Firstly, it is very easy to understand, and secondly it works if you have enough money.

The strategy is simple: you bet on an option, if you lose then you will bet twice on that selection again. Just like that and just one win (what will certainly happen) will help you remove all previous losses.

You see, just once won you will get back all the losses first and have a little profit.

Note the double betting strategy as follows.

Start with the smallest stake of that table.

The difficulty of pursuing this method is that you have to have a thick capital to make double bets every time.

Double exposure betting strategy (Grand Martingale)

This is a method of winning Roulette for the very capital.

This method is similar to the Martingale tactic above. But instead of doubling, you bet twice and add one unit of stakes. This unit is your first bet.

James Bond strategy in Roulette

James Bonds is the preferred tactic of new Roulette players. It increases your probability of winning by spreading your bets on the table.

If they were completely judgmental enough to understand Roulette, those experts would not have done scientific research, they would all have come to play Roulette to develop their wealth. Around the world, the house of this game is so many, if every single player could see through and win the money in Roulette at Malaysia online casino, the existence of the house would have no meaning.

When losing, you can start implementing the above double betting strategy. This combination is very effective, help you win regularly Roulette!

The secret to win roulette when playing at Malaysia online casino (Part 2)

The secret to win roulette when playing at Malaysia online casino (Part 2)

On the turntable, there is only a 0 then there will be all 37 numbers. If you play even / odd games, your probability of winning will be 18/37 = 48.65%. The house, thanks to the extra zero, will have a 19/37 = 51.35% win rate => The house will have a 2.7% advantage over you.

On a turntable, having two 00s is even worse. Now there will be all 38 numbers. With an even / odd game, your win rate will be 18/38 = 47.37%, the dealer’s will be: 20/38 = 52.63% => The house will have 5.26% advantage over you.

To reduce the house edge and increase the odds, you should only play a Roulette with only a zero, and stay away from the American Roulette table with two 00s where the house has double the advantage.

Take out winnings

If you want to earn money from Roulette seriously, you need to treat your winnings as if without it. You must resist the temptation to enter it into your game capital.

In other words, you should not bet the amount won.

Professional roulette players handle winnings very simply: they withdraw money.

You need to learn how to determine the amount of money that will be invested in the game before you place your first bet on the Roulette, and then stick to that number.

The more you practice this, the more money you will make each time you win Roulette.

It will be very difficult when your playing capital starts to become too thin. But that is exactly the time that forces you to keep your winnings separate from gambling money

Think of it like a savings account: a backup is good when things don’t go your way.

Only play in reputable Malaysia online casinos

To win Roulette, you must play in a prestigious casino where the games are guaranteed fairness and transparency. In the online casino world, there are many “spoofed” sites created just for your money, so you need to choose where to play carefully.

Make sure you find a legitimate, fully licensed and certified online casino by independent organizations.

The secrets to win roulette when playing at Malaysia online casino (Part 1)

The secrets to win roulette when playing at Malaysia online casino (Part 1)

You already know the basic way to play Roulette, but that is enough to make money from Roulette? Don’t rush into those “little spins”, but take a few minutes to read through these tips to play effective Roulette. These are shared by players who have worked hard at casinos and have experience playing Roulette.

1. Know the probability and payout ratio

Knowing how Roulette works statistically is crucial for a successful Roulette. There are many types of bets. Each type has a unique probability of winning and payout. Placing a bet on a single number earns the most money, but the probability of winning is the lowest. On the other hand, the types of bets with a probability of winning almost 50% (even / odd, red / black …) although the least profitable but most secure.

You can also divide your stake to cover more numbers, increasing your chances of winning. Don’t make the mistake of betting on a single number – it’s only in movies.

Familiarize yourself with all the bet types with odds, and devise a safe play strategy that can help you make some money.

In short, according to players, the best way to make money from Roulette is to focus on external bets. These are red / black, even / odd, high / low bets, rows and columns. Although these bets do not have a payout ratio that makes you “crazy”, they give you the best chance of winning money.

2. Play only the Roulette type with a 0

Always “loyal” to the Roulette tables only a 0.

This is not a secret to playing Roulette but an obvious one. But if you do not understand, below I will explain the reason.

If it only had 36 numbers, then the probability of odd / even numbers would always be 50% -50%. In other words, the chances of winning by the player and the house are equal. But in fact the Roulette table has a number 0 (European Roulette) or even two numbers 0 and 00 (American Roulette). When you spin this blue 0, whether you choose red or black, even or odd you lose.

It is these zeros that change the correlation of winning rates between players and the house.



Along with the development of the internet, many traditional online services have brought a lot of benefits to consumers. In general, betting in general and gambling in particular are still considered a form of illegal making money.

In this context, online gambling was created so that players can participate in gambling in their own home safely and discreetly quickly becoming a trend that many players choose and prefer. Signing up for an online casino account is completely free and free. The game is extremely rich to suit the interests and strengths of the player. Deposits and withdrawals are also extremely simple and convenient supported through a variety of methods, helping players receive money quickly.

For newbies, many people are still unfamiliar with the concept of online casino (online gambling). First of all, online casino is the common name for the games belonging to a category of online betting. Basically, online casino has the same playing method as most games played at other casinos like baccarat, poker, blackjack, etc.

To play online gambling is very simple. You only need to access the website and register for an account here to be able to access the game. These online games generally have the same rules as the actual games so you will have no difficulty playing them.

In addition, each game has specific instructions for you to learn. If you still have problems, you can contact the customer service team of that website immediately for further advice. This is a very competitive industry, so most of the house’s customer service teams are dedicated and enthusiastic to support customers if they don’t want to lose that customer.

Most reputable online casino websites offer two forms of play including playing free games and playing for real money. With the free games, you will practice with virtual chips in practice mode. Money you win or lose bets will be virtual money and not converted into real money.

Whichever method you choose, betting results on reputable websites are proven to be objective, completely random and cannot interfere with humans. So you can feel secure when participating in the game.

Roulette playing tips of a professional player (Part 2)

Roulette playing tips of a professional player (Part 2)

The odd number line, based on the odd results of the previous games that decide, such as the previous games 11, 21, 33, we can also put 13, 23, 31, 35.

Based on 3-4 betting numbers also selected, we can also expand to 2 sides of many of those numbers, for example, the selection numbers are 12, but when expanded is 35 and 28. Finally, the bet can range from 9-16 numbers.

If the safe numbers we bet are 2 bets, then the extended numbers we bet 1 bet are okay.

Roulette’s trick assumes that the player who bets on 2 chips will have a 32.4% chance of winning, and a tie probability of 48.7%, and the probability of losing will be nearly equal to 18.9%, this way of each round is also won on 1 chip, players can also evaluate how these ways?

Roulette tips are sure to win when playing online casino

There is no trick to play Roulette that makes you definitely win cash when playing online Casino at all. So how do you definitely win? You have a way to be sure of winning joy, winning relaxation, winning entertainment mentally.

The dealer does not interfere with the results nor is it able to interfere with the results, the game software is undertaken by another company, they only distribute to the players, using the results provided by the software to handle money management with players. I’m not sure what the ‘ghost’ bookmakers are like, but with the big, reputable and fair bookies I recommend, there is absolutely no such thing.

So, the best trick for playing Roulette is to not believe in any article that says they can help you win the bet with a certain percentage.

In summary, the lines during normal Roulette are also very messy, so the job of selecting the exact betting numbers, we must have a Roulette play trick, bet along with the distribution as above. On average, it is 2.3 times more profitable than the initial capital. I wish you have fun!