Guide to gambling at Dafabet online casino (Part 1)

Guide to gambling at Dafabet online casino (Part 1)

 Instructions for betting

One of the websites where online players can play online gambling is Dafabet casino. The website, launched in 2004, is currently licensed by the Cagayana Economic Zone Authority (CEZA) and the First Cagayan.

Dafabet is considered to be Asia’s leading online casino site with a collection of live casino, casino games, poker and a variety of other attractive Malaysia online casino products.

Step 1. Register a Dafabet casino account

Use the link to dafabet below to access DafaBet’s official website (avoid forgery).

When you visit Dafabet, select REGISTER to create an online casino account at Dafabet.

Fill in the account information required by dafabet casino. Items marked with * are information that Dafabet requires the player to enter.

Step 2. Add money to your Dafabet casino account

After successful registration, LOG IN to your Dafabet account, continue to click on Online Support, chat with a guide and ask for your bank account number to proceed.

When you have a Dafabet bank account, you top up that account number.

Step 3. Choose your favorite card game at Dafabet online casino

If you are interested in the Poker genre, surely the Hold’em casino will be one of the card games you cannot ignore. Let’s find out how to play this unique unique card game genre!

The goal of the Hold’em Casino at Dafabet

The object of the game is to hold 5 of the best cards in the hand to beat the dealer.

Dafabet’s Hold’em Casino rules

Like other Poker types, Hold’em is also played based on a deck of 52 cards that discard the 2 Joker cards. At the end of each game, the dealer will be shuffled once. The cards specify the size from small to large as follows: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, Ace.

Guide to playing Casino Hold’em at Dafabet

Before the game, you have to bet on the Ante (money here is converted into small chips).

How to play Dafabet well

How to play Dafabet well

Dafabet is a sports booking and online gaming platform in Casino Online. It has origin from Philippin. Then Dafabet develops many international places.

If you are intending to play game in Dafabet, following this artice to receive tips how to play Dafabet well.

Firstly, you really need an official account

In Dafabet site, you can refer more than 30 international sports on smartphone, laptop or PC. This means you have the right to access to virtual sports and continuous streaming of wide range of various sports.

When you register an official account, you can receive enough the rights of member. You have more options and specific odds to reach profits as a sports betting profession.

Registering a new account in Dafabet site is really simple with basic steps. Logging in this site via smartphone or laptop then you fill in enough required information like user name, phone number or other account security information.

After finish filling in a new account, you can recieve a response from the site about your pin and web password. Using confidential information to log into the official site. Now you have enough rights to play total source of game in Dafabet.

Secondly, how to deposit money to Dafabet

Transaction money is an important step in online betting and gambling. It boosts you to control your money safe. In Dafabet, you can receive instruction detail when you practise one money transaction.

Firstly, you navigate to MPESA then Lipa Na MPESA and click Pay Bill. The screen askes you to enter the number of bill. Clicking confirmation to move the next step

Now you need to type your phone number which required officially in your the account number. The next, you enter the amount you want to make deposit and finish the transaction.

Only takes about 2-3 minutes, one transaction can be done as your request.

DafaBet Betting Tips

DafaBet Betting Tips

In the world about sports betting and online gambling, Dafabet is the preeminent site which is popular with many players. Besides safe and secure for top online casino games, Dafabet have attractive policies about offers, deposit or promotions.

To be successful in Dafabet, this article will share some sensitive tips for consumers

1/ Check filed of expertise

Dafabet focus on sports gambling, for example giving tips for football betting or expert knowledge on online betting. Through updated tips, you can open more information about gambling. It contributes to reduce risk and danger when gambling.

2/ Live betting

Dafabet also focus on live betting- one kind of betting. Live betting makes more interesting than offline betting because you can follow the live match directly then changing odds in 2 times.

Some betting sports on Dafabet are like Football, tennis, horse racing as well cricket.

3/ Handicapping

It’s lucky when Dafabet serve handicapping which only appears some big sites in Asia. In handicapping, player can receive better equal chances about odds, offers as well final result.

Therefore, players have a fair opportunity of winning.

4/ Over or under betting

The over or under betting are wagers which based on total amount of goals a particular team will get in the final result. This site provide knowledge detail about over and under betting, wagers and sharing how to use it effectively.

As design of this site, many betting tips are free, updated and available. So if you are interested in betting online on sports, clicking this site then you are welcome to come and exchange tips and experience for betting.

5/ Updated information as a forum

We highly appreciate this feature of Dafabet. This site is a small sport world with enough general sports. Furthermore, there are more available sports section you can view and update the news from the headline.

As commitment, content of forum will be updated at least once a month so you can believe that you can collect enough tips and news from betting.