Review about 18Bet Casino for everyone

Review about 18Bet Casino for everyone

Anyone prefer watching sports matches and place on betting, 18Bet is one of the most wonderful choice for among sites on Casino Malaysia Online. With long experience for doing business in this field, founder of 18Bet concentrates on placing on sport betting professionally. You can find many events of other sports on 18Bet Casino. Therefore, someone says that 18Bet Casino Site is the betting home for everyone.

In this article, we will continue to review about 18Bet Casino site. In the previous article, we refer how to place on 18Bet. Now let discuss about promotions as well bonus from this site on Malaysia Casino Online.

For new members, no need to surprise when you can receive maximum 150% welcome bonus. It should be separated into 2 parts. In the first deposit, you receive up to 30$, equivalent to 100% welcome bonus. The second deposit is maximum 50$ for the remained amount. The process to refund is really simple. You send one message with the code supplied by this site. Then money will be automatically sent to your account. You can use it to wager any sports you like.

According to royal customers, 18Bet also operates great promotions to maintain them. For example, they offer 100% cashback for players without coupon. This amount can be up to 30$ for any goal since the 88th minute. To be refunded it, you need to send one email with text content “88+ Minute”.

Another example about policy of 18Bet Online Malaysia Casino. When you pick up one and make deposit officially. You can get bonus code surprisingly. It’s random from the system. This code is BLACK50 or RED100. For any lucky person, he can get up to 200$ for BLACK50 code and 50$ for RED100 code. It’s a dramatical sum to practice and place on it for the next time.

Detailed guide to playing baccarat at Malaysia online casino (Part 2)

Detailed guide to playing baccarat at Malaysia online casino (Part 2)

If the Player does not divide further (the Player has 6 or 7 points), then the Banker door will only be divided if there is a score of 2 of the current cards less than 6. If there are 6 points and the Player’s score is 7 then still stopped without further division.

Where Player has an additional split, this is the most complicated step in Baccarat. At this time, if the Player’s 3rd card is as follows.

9, A, or 10 or more

Banker hand dealt more cards when the score is less than 3, from 3 or more stops.

2 or 3

Banker door is further divided when the total current score is less than 5, from 5 or more stops.

4 or 5

Divide if the number of the first 2 points is less than 6, if there are 6 or 7 points, stop, do not divide.

6 or 7

Split the Banker door when the number of points is smaller than 7 and stop only when there are 7 points.

If the Player’s third card is an 8 card, the card will be divided further by Banker when this card has a score smaller than 3, and the rest will not be divided when 3 or more points are given.

The method of reviewing Banker cards is summarized in the following table.

The first column is the value of the third card of the Player door, the next column is the number of points at which this level the Banker card will divide another card, the next column is when the Banker’s door stops and does not divide further.

After reviewing the Banker hand, the total score of each card is compared and decided whether the game result is Banker winning, Player winning or Tie (Tie).

Online Casino address to play Baccarat for free

In Malaysia today, there are a number of online casino bookmakers offering free Baccarat tables, such as M88 and Dafabet. In their Casino area, there are free tables, giving players an example for players to practice the rules and familiarize themselves with the steps and atmosphere at online casinos.

In addition, if you are familiar with Baccarat rules and want to increase the dramatic in each game, you can recharge at online Casino to play entertainment. Especially when you deposit money, you can play at online casino games, play real cards, share real cards, real people are broadcast live via the website system, giving you a feeling like in real casinos.

Detailed guide to playing baccarat at Malaysia online casino (Part 1)

Detailed guide to playing baccarat at Malaysia online casino (Part 1)

Baccarat is a popular card game at all online casinos, from casinos in lucky cities like Las Vegas, Maccau, etc. to online casinos.

This game of chance has the largest number of players currently, we will guide the correct game rules and details of this interesting card game.

1. Game objectives and basic information

This game is completely based on luck. Baccarat has 2 cards (also called hand), is the Player and Banker, each card is dealt a certain number of cards, 2 or 3 cards. In the end, there will be the same points as when playing a three card game in Malaysia, whichever is greater than that one wins. The player is not fixed on which door to bet on which Player door will win, Banker door will win or can bet on Tie option – two doors tie.

The way of calculating points is as follows: leaves from A to 9 are counted with the right score, leaves of 10 or more count as 0 point. If the total score is greater than 10, the remainder will be taken when dividing the total score by 10, for example 15 points will be calculated as 5 points.

Normal payout

Player pays 1 for 1, Banker pays 0.95 for 1, Tie (8) pays 8 or 9 times depending on the online Casino house.

2. Detailed play steps

Initially, each card will be dealt 2 cards, the first card dealt to the Player door. Each card can be dealt an additional card or not, depending on the score of the first 2 cards. To make it easy to understand we will look at each case.

If one of the two doors has a score of 8 or 9 on the first 2 cards: Called Natural Win, the game ends and the winning belongs to the fixed door of 8 or 9. If the two doors with 8 or more points, the higher the door is the winning bet, if it’s equal then the result is Tie (Tie), not dealt more cards.

If no door wins naturally, the player’s hand will be dealt first, remember to always consider the player’s hand first.

Consider the Player door

If Player has a score between 0 – 5

Divide 1 more card by this door.

If the Player has 6 or 7 points then stop, no more.

After the Player has finished, check the Banker door.

The top benefits of betting on Online Malaysia Casino

The top benefits of betting on Online Malaysia Casino

In general, betting on Online Malaysia Casino has existed and developed for 20 years. Compared to betting sites since early days and today, there are so many changed about advanced technology, method of betting, kind of betting or the prizes. Betting on Malaysia Casino Online is granted as the important industry in this nation which contributes to develop and introduce image of Malaysia to international friends.

Estimated that there are millions of people all over the world can place their wagers online. In term of the positive aspect, betting on Online can bring good benefits for gamblers who like and addict to sport betting.

This article will share top the outstanding benefits of placing bets. Maybe after this article, you have a good look about the advantage of placing bets.

1/ Convenience

Imagine you live in California and stay at home on a Sunday afternoon and place sport betting for the football match hold in the state of Nevada. All your mission is turning on laptop, visiting a betting site, making a deposit, starting to place the wager and enjoying the match. Everything becomes easy and convenient when placing online.

If you use traditional wager, you have to go to the stadium, buy a ticket then place money at the transaction table. It’s more complicated when the football match will be organized at another city, not your hometown.

2/ Safety

Firstly, some people worry that registering in an Online Malaysia Casino site but giving real money. The fact that, almost online betting sites are licensed and regulated in the reputable operations by the Government. Hence, they have to comply the rules about payment or withdraw. If any risk happens, the Government will protect your right.

The fact that, some gamblers are easy to misunderstand about odds and choose notorious websites. Because they offer surprising odds. You should check carefully information about the online site.

M777 Casino Review

M777 Casino Review

M777 Casino is one of the most sites on Casino Online Malaysia. They offer both casino games and sportsbook for you to use. This article will review detail about other functions.

About the method of payment, it accepts some banking systems like: Maybank, CMB Bank, Hong Leong Bank, Public Bank, MEPS, cash, internet banking and smartphone banking. If you are a Malaysian player, it is convenient to transact, but you are in difficulty when you live outside this nation. The customer service always is available to serve you via direct telephone or email. You can ask support 24/7.

They have promotions about bonus to appeal more players. When you register an account in the first time, you have an opportunity to receive up to 220% welcome bonus as long as you place minimum MYR 30 for deposit. It means you can require at least MYR45 for welcome bonus. However, you need to transact between deposit and betting 25 times rollover requirement before you are approved withdrawal. It includes 100% deposit for 1st, 70% deposit for 2nd and 50% deposit for 3rd.

Beside welcome bonus, the M777 Casino Online also has interesting bonus weekly for royal customers. It can be 25% reload deposit bonuses on the weekend or 10% deposit deals on every Thursdays. Promotion will be updated and changed day by day to make more exciting to gamblers. Don’t forget to refer social media deals from this site. So many players are close with this site because modern deals.

About the world of games on M777 Casino, they provide professional system of games as other leading sites on Online Malaysia Casino. It includes in an Online Casino and Sport Betting, like 1S Games, Playtech, Gameplay Interactive, BetSoft Gaming or 918Kis…Besides it, they also offer online slots like live casino titles, poker and even free games.

Review about SpinSamba on Online Malaysia Casino

Review about SpinSamba on Online Malaysia Casino


Spin Samba Casino is one of the top sites on Online Malaysia Casino. Founded by Realtime gaming, this game has abundance of spaces for your option, including three, fix or six-reel slots. Coming in this site, you can choose many kinds of games such as Baccarat, pokies, craps, poker, slot or roulette.

If you have intention to placing betting on Casino Online Malaysia, you should consider reviews about SpinSamba in this article. We will provide basically useful information for your reference.

First, Deposits and withdrawals

Deposits are always cared by gamblers. But the truth that SpinSamba has not offered any deposit bonus for new player. Instead of it, they give free spins for the first time you register an official account. More detail, you can receive 40 bonus spins as the welcome bonus.

Besides it, this site requires the bonus code. With code “WELCOME”, you can get 100% value up to $200 in bonus as well 40 free bonus spin. If you have not yet received this bonus, you can claim with center customer service via hotline or email.

Secondly, Method of payments

This site has a reliable banking system which strictly requires other method. When you start to register account, you need to complete checked information in a general form. You have to take time to be accepted and approved. If you provide incorrect information, immediately you will be rejected and requested to come back the previous step.

There are other various kind of payment like: Visa, paypal or bitcoin. You can choose your proper method.

Thirdly, System of games

This is the reason why SpinSamba becomes the top site for Online Casino Malaysia. In general, it supplies a huge system for the world game. So it can meet enough requirements of players. The game includes: slots, betting, table games, bingo and lotto. In particular, betting can be designed with sports betting and virtual sports. They are the most updated games for one Casino.