The top benefits of betting on Online Malaysia Casino

The top benefits of betting on Online Malaysia Casino

In general, betting on Online Malaysia Casino has existed and developed for 20 years. Compared to betting sites since early days and today, there are so many changed about advanced technology, method of betting, kind of betting or the prizes. Betting on Malaysia Casino Online is granted as the important industry in this nation which contributes to develop and introduce image of Malaysia to international friends.

Estimated that there are millions of people all over the world can place their wagers online. In term of the positive aspect, betting on Online can bring good benefits for gamblers who like and addict to sport betting.

This article will share top the outstanding benefits of placing bets. Maybe after this article, you have a good look about the advantage of placing bets.

1/ Convenience

Imagine you live in California and stay at home on a Sunday afternoon and place sport betting for the football match hold in the state of Nevada. All your mission is turning on laptop, visiting a betting site, making a deposit, starting to place the wager and enjoying the match. Everything becomes easy and convenient when placing online.

If you use traditional wager, you have to go to the stadium, buy a ticket then place money at the transaction table. It’s more complicated when the football match will be organized at another city, not your hometown.

2/ Safety

Firstly, some people worry that registering in an Online Malaysia Casino site but giving real money. The fact that, almost online betting sites are licensed and regulated in the reputable operations by the Government. Hence, they have to comply the rules about payment or withdraw. If any risk happens, the Government will protect your right.

The fact that, some gamblers are easy to misunderstand about odds and choose notorious websites. Because they offer surprising odds. You should check carefully information about the online site.

The essential online poker tips for new players (Part 2)

The essential online poker tips for new players (Part 2)

Play slow strong cards in Pre-Flop

The first poker trick to confuse strong opponents is sometimes you should play slow (slow play) when there are big pairs or strong Ax combos.

Instead of always playing with AA, KK, QQ or AK, why not sometimes try to trick the opponent with just a horizontal call. Especially when you have a position advantage (such as sitting at the cutoff or button).

This is even more effective in situations where you’re, after you, in the blind position, an aggressive player. By only calling the first person to raise when you have a high level, you can trap that agrressive opponent and they will easily raise more.

This gives you another chance to push the table bet to the top of the table when you have the best card before you even get to Flop.

Change your poker range

Another online poker trick you can apply to distract some good players is to change the range you raise, especially in Flop.

Change the range of cards you raise specifically in Flop

Many players who play on small blinds will only flop with hands as follows.


Two double

Set of 3

Super level card (with 12 outs or more)

Say again, this type of play makes those players very easy to catch. But what if you sometimes flop with only 2 high cards or one waiting in the lobby?

By adding to your hand a few hand bluffs, you make yourself much more unpredictable. It will also help you eat more with strong hands.

Take notes when you play at Malaysia online casino

This is an online casino poker trick that good poker players are indispensable. Most poker rooms at online casino have a note function so you can record the most necessary selective information during the game.

For example, you can note the list of special hands of quite a few players. And this function can also help you track your match at a later time if desired.

In each room, you will notice the specific number of players, so the possibility of hitting a player twice is very high. At that time, monitoring the Bet, Raise, Call habits of the other opponents is very important.

Guide to Play Online Bodog Poker

Guide to Play Online Bodog Poker

If there is only one casino for your option, it is better that you should choose Bodog. Because this site can offer enough service with the best like top-notch gambling, promotions or kind of games.

This article will instruct to play online Bodog Poker which is the main reason to explain why you choose this site for gambling betting.

Firstly, about banking options

Bodog has strict policies about payment. For example, it only accepts the following banking options with max or min deposit amounts accordingly. The fact that, Bodog has available banking system, but it is valid or not depending on where you live. So range of nation can be offered and accepted other payment methods. It is suitable because per country applies other payments, so Bodog has unique policies to accompany with itself.

Here is some main requirements for another banking option:

  • Visa needs $25 min and $1,000 max.
  • Bitcoin needs $20 min and $5,000 max.
  • MasterCard needs $25 min and $1,000 max.
  • Interac e-Transfer needs $20 min and $1,000 max.

One outstanding feature for new player when Bodog doesn’t charge any deposit fees. It means you are granted as royal customer in the first time for register. Even, you can receive more promotions to encourage new accounts.

In term of withdrawals, they separate into other levels. For the first month, you are completely free for any transaction. From the second month, one time of withdrawal is 50$. Exception bitcoin is free for all transactions. Bodog offer withdrawals at anywhere from $20 to $3,000 per request.

Secondly, customer service

Sometimes you are in trouble in gambling process or payment. You can click to in-depth FAQ section to find your answer. Bodog provide a various data of questions such as banking methods, limits, games, bonus terms, betting restrictions so on.

If you are in urgent, you can call hotline No. 1-877-263-6422 or send email to to receive instructions from customer services.

It is highly appreciated about good supports for players.

The essential online poker tips for new players (Part 1)

The essential online poker tips for new players (Part 1)

Poker at Malaysia online casino is getting harder and harder to win! Because the player’s level is increasingly advanced. Different from the time when online poker was just booming, when countless players did not even master the basic knowledge.

Nowadays, it seems that every online poker player is conscious of searching online to improve their skills. Therefore, you will not win a lot of their money if you always play online poker with an easy-to-guess style.

Instead, you need to have tips for playing online poker that not only help you to play poker more effectively, but also help diverse play styles that make it harder for opponents to catch the cards, especially those who play online poker.

Before starting your post, please note that this article will use many technical terms. If you are not familiar, please see the explanation of the terms in poker offline.

Watch your opponent carefully when playing online poker

When you play, what you need to do first is not to dive into it, but you need to pay close attention to how the opponent plays. That way, you can draw an initial concept about your online poker competitor, which will give you suitable ways to play.

Besides, online poker is a game of intelligence that requires players to concentrate quite highly, you need to stay calm in all situations, even if the opponent has a bigger card than himself

The bravery when playing poker at online casino for real money is also the most important factor. If the player is brave, then in any situation, he will feel that it is only a small matter of emotional thinking, and will have confidence to play cards.

Pay attention to the time of playing cards

When playing poker at Malaysia online casino, you need to pay special attention to the time and if the delay is over, the system will automatically Fold and the game will continue. So don’t miss your chance just because you don’t pay attention to the time.

M777 Casino Review

M777 Casino Review

M777 Casino is one of the most sites on Casino Online Malaysia. They offer both casino games and sportsbook for you to use. This article will review detail about other functions.

About the method of payment, it accepts some banking systems like: Maybank, CMB Bank, Hong Leong Bank, Public Bank, MEPS, cash, internet banking and smartphone banking. If you are a Malaysian player, it is convenient to transact, but you are in difficulty when you live outside this nation. The customer service always is available to serve you via direct telephone or email. You can ask support 24/7.

They have promotions about bonus to appeal more players. When you register an account in the first time, you have an opportunity to receive up to 220% welcome bonus as long as you place minimum MYR 30 for deposit. It means you can require at least MYR45 for welcome bonus. However, you need to transact between deposit and betting 25 times rollover requirement before you are approved withdrawal. It includes 100% deposit for 1st, 70% deposit for 2nd and 50% deposit for 3rd.

Beside welcome bonus, the M777 Casino Online also has interesting bonus weekly for royal customers. It can be 25% reload deposit bonuses on the weekend or 10% deposit deals on every Thursdays. Promotion will be updated and changed day by day to make more exciting to gamblers. Don’t forget to refer social media deals from this site. So many players are close with this site because modern deals.

About the world of games on M777 Casino, they provide professional system of games as other leading sites on Online Malaysia Casino. It includes in an Online Casino and Sport Betting, like 1S Games, Playtech, Gameplay Interactive, BetSoft Gaming or 918Kis…Besides it, they also offer online slots like live casino titles, poker and even free games.

Guide to play for real money at 188Bet online casino (Part 2)

Guide to play for real money at 188Bet online casino (Part 2)

Blackjack at 188bet

Blackjack has a very simple method and rules. This game is completely different from other online card games, instead of having to beat other players, Blackjack blackjack is played by defeating the dealer or the dealer of the dealer. Sounds very interesting, right?

Poker at 188bet

Poker is one of the most attractive online gambling games of all time. This casino card game even has tournaments held all over the world, with prizes up to millions of US dollars. There are many poker players at 188bet living well thanks to luck and constantly practicing every day, and you?

Roulette at 188bet

Roulette is not only one of the easiest online casino games to practice and play, and it is also one of the top exciting casino games at 188bet casino. Roulette is gradually developing to become one of the favorite games on the online casino market, at 188bet there is also a Live Dealer to give players the best online Roulette experience!

Among the online casino games, Dragon Tiger is an extremely interesting game and has the simplest way to play, but this is also the game that rarely appears at other online casino sites.

To meet the needs of most members, 188Bet casino has added the Dragon Tiger game to its online Casino, you can participate in playing tiger dragon easily and earn lots of winnings, all of which look wait for your luck as well as your clever tactics.

Step 4. How to withdraw money at casino 188bet when winning a bet

First, log into your account 188Bet and select Bank -> Withdraw.

Next, choose your Bank name and the amount you want to withdraw and then click Submit. Full Name The system will automatically retrieve your Full Name that you previously registered for the account, so the process of opening an account at 188Bet casino you need to enter it correctly.

Finally, you fill in the withdrawal account information such as Account Number, the Bank, the Amount and Password in the corresponding boxes that 188Bet requires, then click Continue to finish the withdrawal.

After about 60 minutes, the money will be transferred to ATM account and you will receive an E-mail confirming successful withdrawal from 188bet.

Thus, the above article has shown you how to play gambling real money online at 188bet easiest to understand. If you have any questions, please contact 188bet 24/7 counselor for quick answers. Good luck!

Top the best sites for Online Malaysia Casino

Top the best sites for Online Malaysia Casino

Placing betting on Online Malaysia Casino become one popular way for relaxing with many people in the world. It is a potential industry for Malaysia where there are many Online Casino sites to be created and developed. If you are confusing among many sites including reliable and fake sites, this article will be useful for you. We summarize top the best sites for Online Malaysia Casino.

Loki Casino

This site was founded in 2016 managing and handling games on Online Malaysia Casino. This site requires respective min and max deposit amounts for gamblers. It is different from other slot games.

As good bonus, it also offers the welcome bonus up to 150% deposit. Besides it, you have an opportunity to receive 100% sign up bonus and other promotions, depending on other occasion. Note that the deposit is subject to a 20x paythrough requirement which you can withdraw.

Besides it, Loki Casino can provide list reliable banking system for payment. However payment method depends on where you live.

King Billy Casino 


Although this site has only been established recently, it is fast on the top sites on Online Malaysia Casino. It offers 100% up to$200 as well 200 free spins for a deposit bonus whereas the minimum is $10, the maximum is $20 and free spins will be credited within 10 days to your account. There is no requirement for bonus code.

In general, almost promotions in this site are better to players when you have a small budget for betting games. If you don’t have much experience about betting, you should choose this place to sure safety and efficiently. Casino

This site has a special policy about deposit. The first time, you make $10 for deposit, you can get 50 FS on Viking Gods then the second time, getting $10 for 20 FS on Viking Gods. Total transit time between 2 deposit times is 7 days.

You have a choice to receive 70 free spins for welcome bonus.

Review about SpinSamba on Online Malaysia Casino

Review about SpinSamba on Online Malaysia Casino


Spin Samba Casino is one of the top sites on Online Malaysia Casino. Founded by Realtime gaming, this game has abundance of spaces for your option, including three, fix or six-reel slots. Coming in this site, you can choose many kinds of games such as Baccarat, pokies, craps, poker, slot or roulette.

If you have intention to placing betting on Casino Online Malaysia, you should consider reviews about SpinSamba in this article. We will provide basically useful information for your reference.

First, Deposits and withdrawals

Deposits are always cared by gamblers. But the truth that SpinSamba has not offered any deposit bonus for new player. Instead of it, they give free spins for the first time you register an official account. More detail, you can receive 40 bonus spins as the welcome bonus.

Besides it, this site requires the bonus code. With code “WELCOME”, you can get 100% value up to $200 in bonus as well 40 free bonus spin. If you have not yet received this bonus, you can claim with center customer service via hotline or email.

Secondly, Method of payments

This site has a reliable banking system which strictly requires other method. When you start to register account, you need to complete checked information in a general form. You have to take time to be accepted and approved. If you provide incorrect information, immediately you will be rejected and requested to come back the previous step.

There are other various kind of payment like: Visa, paypal or bitcoin. You can choose your proper method.

Thirdly, System of games

This is the reason why SpinSamba becomes the top site for Online Casino Malaysia. In general, it supplies a huge system for the world game. So it can meet enough requirements of players. The game includes: slots, betting, table games, bingo and lotto. In particular, betting can be designed with sports betting and virtual sports. They are the most updated games for one Casino.

Guide to play for real money at 188Bet online casino (Part 1)

Guide to play for real money at 188Bet online casino (Part 1)

If you are new to casino 188Bet surely have a lot of information you have learned about this casino house.

First, it must be mentioned that 188Bet is currently ranked among the most prestigious bookmakers in Malaysia 2018 in the prestigious casino field. If you want to participate in gambling at this house, please refer to the steps in the article below.

Step 1. Register an online gambling account at the casino 188bet

To register, you need to access 188bet via the links to 188bet below

After accessing 188bet successfully, please register for your account by clicking on the registration box in the upper right corner of the screen. Then you fill out the required house information completely and accurately. The dealer will send a successful registration confirmation to you shortly.

You need to remember your username and password to log in to the casino 188bet next time and proactively secure your account like a bank account.

Step 2. Deposit money into account at 188bet casino

Next, proceed to deposit money to the account. Please chat with a counselor to get a bank account number then deposit money into the account. The first deposit you will receive a promotion for the first deposit and should choose the form of deposit through the bank such as direct bank or bank transfer.

Step 3. Choose your favorite card game at 188bet casino

188bet casino with over 320 exciting games, playing slot machine games, online lottery bets, keno bets, blackjack, online gambling for real money is very diverse, ensuring you will be satisfied when participating in the casino. Online article of 188bet.

Baccarat at 188bet

Bacarat bet at 188Bet will be started when the player places a bet on “Player”, “Banker” (Banker), or “Tie” (tie). In each game, 2 cards are dealt to Player and Banker.

In some tables people can bet on a player pair (a pair of players) or the banker pair (the dealer has a pair). Third card will not be dealt if Player or Banker card is 8 or 9 points. The total score is calculated in units of the total number of cards dealt.

Sportsbook in Dafabet Casino Review

Sportsbook in Dafabet Casino Review

Dafabet Sportsbook is considered as top the best online betting sites in Asia area. They have impressively designed and created as well promotion and bonus policies to attract millions of gamblers over all the world, especially gamblers come from Asia. This article refers to sportsbook detail in Defabet. If you are caring to place betting on this site, following it and collecting useful recommendation of us.

In general, Dafabet Casino has various sponsorships with professional soccer teams and ambassadors accordingly. So you can expect that they can own a pretty top notch and robust sports from this betting site.

According to design, sports section is divided into two categories, including in OW Sports and Dafa Sports which is set on the main menu. This site also offers millions of games for gamblers like: sports betting, number game, eSports or Jackpot betting.

Above all, esports is one of the hottest betting games recently. You can download and see live view of Twitch with some live football matches.

Whereas OW sports platform focuses on the Dafa Sports section well. Actually, Dafa Sports looks as if a classic sportsbook from a long history. It has similar layout of the book with four tabs: Sportsbook, Live, eSports and Promotions on the top.

About the Sportsbook tab, it is designed by the different sports offering on the left side and odd on the middle of the screen. When you choice a betting time, it will appear automatically on the left side of the screen. This layout is different from other sites. The right column has been used when it upgrades live updates for new version.

Sportsbook also offers great features for sports betting section to match your preferences. For example, you can change Euro View mode into Asian View mode easily. Dafabet is set up one tab to change the format conveniently.