Review about 12Bet Casino


Among the gambling markets in the world, 12Bet Casino is always the best choice for many players, especially the UK-based bettors. In general, 12Bet Casino is top leading betting site operated and managed by TGP Europe Ltd. They have been provided a gaming license from the UK Gambling Commission.

They focus on build up image and brand by sponsoring many big competitions like World Open, the UK Championships and the English Badminton Championships. Besides, they also become sponsor for some famous football clubs like Sevilla, Wigan Athletic, West Bromwich Albion, Crystal Palace, Hull City or Birmingham City.

In this article, we will continue to share basic information about 12Bet Casino.

1st: Bonus

In general, 12Bet Casino offers freely available bet for gamblers, not only old deposit bonus. This feature makes more interesting for everyone. In general, 12Bet players get a free welcome bonus up to 35$. You have to remember that you should use credit or debit card for this bonus. This is compulsory condition to make the first deposit. It’s eligible to receive bonus.

After finishing the first deposit, gamblers have to stake 6 qualifying bets with minimum 10$. When you settle 6th bets, you should contact to customer service to get the token deposit. In general, you can receive maximum up to 35$ for total 6 bets. You can receive free bet within 24 hours after you complete to notify customer service. This offer only is valid within 5 days of getting bonus in your account.

2nd: Betting odds

Compared with betting odds with other betting sites, 12Bet Casino offer great odds, even some unique odds for kind of gamblers or depending on other occasions. 12Bet Casino gives competitive odds. You can check Asian Handicap odds to know their betting odds. Especially, they specialize in the Asian market such as football. The fact that, 12Bet Casino is granted as masters of the Asian handicap betting system.