What games does Dafabet online casino offer?

What games does Dafabet online casino offer?

Choose from a wide range of Dafabet Casino games from blackjack, roulette, slot machines, and more. Test your luck in our progressive positions and you can win great jackpots along with prizes from Dafabet promotions.

Dafabet Sportsbook offers a global sports betting system. There are more than 5000 betable sports such as soccer, tennis, hockey…

With great odds, the best customer service, and lots of great deals – Dafabet Sports Betting is one of the best websites for sports betting, and the ambassador is a football legend.

Dafabet Casino is an interactive online game offering the best casino games and great deals. Take part in online games at Dafabet Casino, where players can compete with live dealers and experience a thrilling experience.

Play cards and table games at Dafabet Casino, where players can take part in popular games like blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and more. Finally play with slot machines, where you can explore the most advanced and authentic slot machines.

The poker games

Dafabet Poker offers a wide variety of online poker games and poker tournaments using interactive online poker software. This Malaysia online casino offers poker rooms that are available in the West and Asia such as No-Limit Texas Hold ’em, Omaha Hi-Lo, 13 Cards, Dou Di Zhu, and Big 2.

The promotions

Dafabet Poker has monthly poker promotions for both pro players and novice players. Promotions include Poker VIP Club, Poker VIP Store, a 200% bonus up to $2,000 on Dafabet first deposit, Sit N’Go Online Poker Jackpot Games, and more.

Dafabet is a leading online gaming website in Asia with a wide range of entertainment options such as sports betting, online casino, online poker, and online games.

The company is licensed to operate in the Philippines and is regulated by CEZA and First Cagayan. Dafabet online casino takes these rules and regulations seriously.

Using the most advanced security measures, Dafabet offers a safe and fair online betting experience.

Guide to play football betting in Dafabet online casino

Guide to play football betting in Dafabet online casino

Football betting has long become an attractive sport and creates a lot of drama for players to watch the ball.

Not only do their best with the top games, but customers also test their sensitivity as well as their analytical ability in Dafabet house bets. This is one of the leading brands in online sports betting for members, so how to play in dafabet online casino? Let’s follow the article below.

Guide to play football betting at Dafabet

Step 1: Players access dafabet and create a Dafabet account

To make a match, players must first log into their member account at the house. On the website interface of Dafabet website, please choose to log in, the information is the same username. At that time, you had access to the member account, then on the menu bar select sports and football section.

Step 2: Play betting

Dafabet is a prestigious playground leading in the Malaysian market. Currently this house supports customers all the tournaments with big and small matches ranging from European football, World Cup to Premier League small football tournaments in the region.

If you want to see the matches that are going to happen today, on the left side of the menu, click on the Today section. If people want to bet on matches or see the odds of early matches for high analysis, then on the left select Early, and immediately appear matches.

Then, any customer who wants to place a bet in a specific tournament can choose the unique market rate table.

On the menu bar of the odds table for every player who chooses to enter a tournament, there will be countless different tournaments showing up whoever wants to bet on in which tournament to click on. The matches which are about to take place will be displayed up to let customers know and bet.

Step 3: Place a bet

Once you have selected the match and want to place a bet on it then start to bet on the match. Everyone, after confirming the bet, look at their bet slip and check if it is correct or not, see the correct bet code. Keep watching the match to know the outcome of the victory.


So, with the simple tutorial steps for each of us as above, everyone has participated in betting on the house of dafabet. Of course, in order to play better, it requires the know-how as well as the best playing method, this one can refer to the experience of the previous players. I wish all of you a successful game with the house Dafabet,

Detailed guide to playing baccarat at Malaysia online casino (Part 2)

Detailed guide to playing baccarat at Malaysia online casino (Part 2)

If the Player does not divide further (the Player has 6 or 7 points), then the Banker door will only be divided if there is a score of 2 of the current cards less than 6. If there are 6 points and the Player’s score is 7 then still stopped without further division.

Where Player has an additional split, this is the most complicated step in Baccarat. At this time, if the Player’s 3rd card is as follows.

9, A, or 10 or more

Banker hand dealt more cards when the score is less than 3, from 3 or more stops.

2 or 3

Banker door is further divided when the total current score is less than 5, from 5 or more stops.

4 or 5

Divide if the number of the first 2 points is less than 6, if there are 6 or 7 points, stop, do not divide.

6 or 7

Split the Banker door when the number of points is smaller than 7 and stop only when there are 7 points.

If the Player’s third card is an 8 card, the card will be divided further by Banker when this card has a score smaller than 3, and the rest will not be divided when 3 or more points are given.

The method of reviewing Banker cards is summarized in the following table.

The first column is the value of the third card of the Player door, the next column is the number of points at which this level the Banker card will divide another card, the next column is when the Banker’s door stops and does not divide further.

After reviewing the Banker hand, the total score of each card is compared and decided whether the game result is Banker winning, Player winning or Tie (Tie).

Online Casino address to play Baccarat for free

In Malaysia today, there are a number of online casino bookmakers offering free Baccarat tables, such as M88 and Dafabet. In their Casino area, there are free tables, giving players an example for players to practice the rules and familiarize themselves with the steps and atmosphere at online casinos.

In addition, if you are familiar with Baccarat rules and want to increase the dramatic in each game, you can recharge at online Casino to play entertainment. Especially when you deposit money, you can play at online casino games, play real cards, share real cards, real people are broadcast live via the website system, giving you a feeling like in real casinos.

Sportsbook in Dafabet Casino Review

Sportsbook in Dafabet Casino Review

Dafabet Sportsbook is considered as top the best online betting sites in Asia area. They have impressively designed and created as well promotion and bonus policies to attract millions of gamblers over all the world, especially gamblers come from Asia. This article refers to sportsbook detail in Defabet. If you are caring to place betting on this site, following it and collecting useful recommendation of us.

In general, Dafabet Casino has various sponsorships with professional soccer teams and ambassadors accordingly. So you can expect that they can own a pretty top notch and robust sports from this betting site.

According to design, sports section is divided into two categories, including in OW Sports and Dafa Sports which is set on the main menu. This site also offers millions of games for gamblers like: sports betting, number game, eSports or Jackpot betting.

Above all, esports is one of the hottest betting games recently. You can download and see live view of Twitch with some live football matches.

Whereas OW sports platform focuses on the Dafa Sports section well. Actually, Dafa Sports looks as if a classic sportsbook from a long history. It has similar layout of the book with four tabs: Sportsbook, Live, eSports and Promotions on the top.

About the Sportsbook tab, it is designed by the different sports offering on the left side and odd on the middle of the screen. When you choice a betting time, it will appear automatically on the left side of the screen. This layout is different from other sites. The right column has been used when it upgrades live updates for new version.

Sportsbook also offers great features for sports betting section to match your preferences. For example, you can change Euro View mode into Asian View mode easily. Dafabet is set up one tab to change the format conveniently.

Guide to gambling at Dafabet online casino (Part 2)

Guide to gambling at Dafabet online casino (Part 2)

At the beginning of the game, you and the dealer are dealt two cards.

Your two cards will be turned over, after which the next 3 cards will be dealt, these 3 cards are the 3 community cards dealt in the middle of the table and they will be turned. This is when you make a decision, if you find your card has a chance to move on then choose Call (bet add money by hand) or choose Fold to discard, not follow and will lose the original bet amount at Ante.

The last 2 cards of the 5 community cards will be dealt next after the player decides to Call (to cards) or Fold (to discard). At this time, from the 5 community cards dealt in the middle of the table, you will select 3 cards to combine with the 2 cards you hold in your hand to form the best 5 cards and “fight” with the house.

Now there will be 2 cases as follow.

Case 1

The dealer does not have a pair of cards 4 or higher, the dealer is not eligible to continue. Therefore, in this case you win and the house loses.

Case 2

The Banker is eligible to play, if any of the higher cards is the winner. You win, you will get the total amount on Call and Ante, if you lose, you lose all your bets.

Step 4. Withdraw money at Dafabet casino when winning the bet

Log into your Dafabet casino account and select Bank

Next, choose Withdraw

Then choose Local Bank Transfer => Withdraw.

Enter your full withdrawal account (ATM) information and click Continue.

Select the withdrawal account and the amount to withdraw => click Withdraw and finish the withdrawal from the DafaBet account.

The above is a guide on how to play at Dafabet online casino for newbies. If you really are adventurous, witty, and excited about brainstorming games, join Casino Hold’em to get extremely valuable bonuses.

Guide to gambling at Dafabet online casino

Guide to gambling at Dafabet online casino

Founded in Manila, Philippines, Dafabet online casino is on the top the best site offering enough games for gamblers, especially Asian players. Services of Dafabet includes: sports betting, online table games, slot machine games, video poker and other games.

If you are an Asian, Dafabet is considered as one of the most trusted sports betting sites. This article will continue to introduce detail about this site.

In the previous article, we instruct you steps to register an official account in Dafabet. The next step, you have to select games from huge source of games.

Firstly, it is sports/ evens offered

This site continues to update new events in the season so that you can join the league which is being organized. In case you can’t see the sport or the event you expect, it is possible that it is off season or no game for this time.

Dafebet has a full range of sports like: soccer, tennis, baseball, fighting, cricket, cycling, darts, futsal, golf, handball, hockey, motor sports, rugby…They also divide sports into the nation so you are easy to find sport even you wish.

You should remember that live sport betting has various odds changed extremely quickly on the site and depended on time of betting. So you have to double check the odd carefully when accept deposit.

Secondly, slots

When you come with casino tab, you have to discover new world of gambling because of attraction decoration. Some gamblers review that layout of slots tab is designed perfectly.

The games are split into 2 main parts: slots and jackpots. Although Dafabet only provides about total 38 games for slots, all games are appreciated nice, quality and modern with 3D style.

Finally, other casino games

Besides betting on sports and slots, Dafabet also offers traditional and new games both free and fee ticket. They also divide into clear section like: Asian live games, European live games, card games or table games.

Guide to gambling at Dafabet online casino (Part 1)

Guide to gambling at Dafabet online casino (Part 1)

 Instructions for betting

One of the websites where online players can play online gambling is Dafabet casino. The website, launched in 2004, is currently licensed by the Cagayana Economic Zone Authority (CEZA) and the First Cagayan.

Dafabet is considered to be Asia’s leading online casino site with a collection of live casino, casino games, poker and a variety of other attractive Malaysia online casino products.

Step 1. Register a Dafabet casino account

Use the link to dafabet below to access DafaBet’s official website (avoid forgery).

When you visit Dafabet, select REGISTER to create an online casino account at Dafabet.

Fill in the account information required by dafabet casino. Items marked with * are information that Dafabet requires the player to enter.

Step 2. Add money to your Dafabet casino account

After successful registration, LOG IN to your Dafabet account, continue to click on Online Support, chat with a guide and ask for your bank account number to proceed.

When you have a Dafabet bank account, you top up that account number.

Step 3. Choose your favorite card game at Dafabet online casino

If you are interested in the Poker genre, surely the Hold’em casino will be one of the card games you cannot ignore. Let’s find out how to play this unique unique card game genre!

The goal of the Hold’em Casino at Dafabet

The object of the game is to hold 5 of the best cards in the hand to beat the dealer.

Dafabet’s Hold’em Casino rules

Like other Poker types, Hold’em is also played based on a deck of 52 cards that discard the 2 Joker cards. At the end of each game, the dealer will be shuffled once. The cards specify the size from small to large as follows: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, Ace.

Guide to playing Casino Hold’em at Dafabet

Before the game, you have to bet on the Ante (money here is converted into small chips).

How to play Dafabet well

How to play Dafabet well

Dafabet is a sports booking and online gaming platform in Casino Online. It has origin from Philippin. Then Dafabet develops many international places.

If you are intending to play game in Dafabet, following this artice to receive tips how to play Dafabet well.

Firstly, you really need an official account

In Dafabet site, you can refer more than 30 international sports on smartphone, laptop or PC. This means you have the right to access to virtual sports and continuous streaming of wide range of various sports.

When you register an official account, you can receive enough the rights of member. You have more options and specific odds to reach profits as a sports betting profession.

Registering a new account in Dafabet site is really simple with basic steps. Logging in this site via smartphone or laptop then you fill in enough required information like user name, phone number or other account security information.

After finish filling in a new account, you can recieve a response from the site about your pin and web password. Using confidential information to log into the official site. Now you have enough rights to play total source of game in Dafabet.

Secondly, how to deposit money to Dafabet

Transaction money is an important step in online betting and gambling. It boosts you to control your money safe. In Dafabet, you can receive instruction detail when you practise one money transaction.

Firstly, you navigate to MPESA then Lipa Na MPESA and click Pay Bill. The screen askes you to enter the number of bill. Clicking confirmation to move the next step

Now you need to type your phone number which required officially in your the account number. The next, you enter the amount you want to make deposit and finish the transaction.

Only takes about 2-3 minutes, one transaction can be done as your request.