How do professional players play blackjack in online casino? (Part 3)

How do professional players play blackjack in online casino? (Part 3)

Also, due to the special nature of the A card, it may be 1 or 11 points whichever is more beneficial, so it is also considered separately. Looking at the table above, for example you have a card and a card 9, while the dealer’s card is a 6, then you should be confident that the Double bet.

Playing blackjack online according to these tables may seem a bit difficult and boring at the beginning of the game, but as soon as you get acquainted, you will know the rules as in the palm of your hand because these principles really have relate to each other and can be deduced if you have a specific internship time. Be persistent and calm as you practice playing this strategic online card game.

4. Control time and finances

When participating in online casino games for the purpose of entertainment and relaxation, or make sure you already know how much you are willing to spend, how much time for these games before you play. Although there will be times when you are ‘overplayed’, because of the appeal of these games.

But keep moderation when playing blackjack online or games Other online gambling. Because as soon as you get involved with the ‘remove money’ and ‘revenge’ mentions, the game is completely entertaining and you will lose more than you can. When writing a tutorial on how to play Blackjack, we hope and trust that you will do well.

The method of playing Blackjack, also known as online blackjack, above has been compiled and agreed upon by experienced players at the house. In addition to the basic principles such as understanding the law, time and financial management, choosing a reputable house, there are tactical guides drawn from experience and probability problems.


Hopefully, the article is useful for you. Good luck with the online casino games!

How do professional players play blackjack in online casino? (Part 2)

How do professional players play blackjack in online casino? (Part 2)

3. Understand how to make decisions when playing blackjack online

This online casino game has interactive options between the player and the house that can directly affect and change the end result of the game. So it’s important to understand these options and when to use them.

The tactics below, though not the ‘Law of the Sun’, make you win the bet continuously (none of the strategies will help you win at all), but it is gathered from experience and solutions. Probability problem, it gives you higher odds of winning. However, if you sometimes want to ‘get rid of the way’, then go ahead, because if you are playing entertainment and just play by the formula, it is boring.

When you have a pair and are wondering if you should split, see the strategy table for the pair below:

For example, if you have 2 9s, and the dealer has turned 1, you immediately choose a Split, you are likely to win and double your advantage. If you have 2 10-point cards (10, J, Q, K) then Stop at (Stand) immediately without thinking no matter what the dealer’s turned card.

The table also shows that, if you have an 8 or lower score that is not a double in the above cases, then Deal the card (Hit) always and immediately.

In case you don’t have pairs and have 9 or more points, here are the reference tactics for you. If you have 13 points, and the dealer has a 2, then rest assured even though 13 points is not a high score.

Note that when the house reaches 17 points or more, they will stop (Stand) regardless of your score. For example, you have 20 points, they are having 18 points, if they stop, they will lose immediately, if divided further they still have a chance. But they always stop when they have 17 or more points, no matter how many points you have. So if you reach 17 or above, stand and stop now.

How do professional players play blackjack in online casino? (Part 1)

How to play Blackjack in online casino has been specifically introduced by us in another article. If you need to know it, please read it again.

In today’s article, how to play blackjack online at the best online casinos, which is concluded by professional players who have had longtime experiences playing blackjack in online casino.

Let’s check out the useful tips from professional players below!

1. Know the rules very well

This is always the first recommendation whenever we instruct to play any game or do any work. Never should you ‘hold the light in front of the car’, do everything you need to know its rules.

If you’re new to ‘trying to get 21 points’ as a drone, then please read our Blackjack guide carefully before reading the online blackjack strategies below. Because if you read it, you do not understand anything.

2. Choose a reputable casino and trust them

There are many online bookmakers operating in Vietnam offering online blackjack, but which one is reputable is another story. with the experience of veteran players guarantees to give you a list of ‘reputable bookmakers’ for you to choose and comfortably enjoy games not just Blackjack without having to worry. worry about their reputation.

Dealers such as M88, Dafabet, Fun88, W88, Empire777, HappyLuke are reputable bookmakers that have worked for a long time, you can freely play in their free area to practice playing Blackjack, and recharge if desired.

In addition, there are a number of websites that impersonate these bookmakers to cheat your deposit, so please pay attention to these bookmakers via our link provided to ensure your safety when play online games. If you play while you’re nervous, there’s nothing interesting and we are here to help.

How to play blackjack at the Empire777 online casino (Part 1)

How to play blackjack at the Empire777 online casino (Part 1)

Blackjack is a highly tactical card game that is not entirely based on luck like other common money games at the house. This game always has a huge amount of ‘fans’ at online bookies and even real casinos. So how to experience this game at one of the most prestigious bookmakers now, Empire777?

As a house that only focuses on online casino products and ignores sports betting entirely, Empire777 builds a lively gaming world with a variety of games and styles. Here, players can play blackjack in two different areas.

This area includes popular Casino games such as Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Sicbo, etc. The characteristic of this area is that players play with the system, the results are given completely randomly by the computer system. With the prestige of the Empire777 house, there’s nothing to worry about whether they control the outcome or not, which is absolutely none.

Unfortunately, this house does not allow you to try the games in this area for free like other bookies. Here, players bet and make decisions slowly, with no time limit (as long as not too long, 15 or 20 minutes for example). Players can calmly make decisions without worrying about running out of time.

There are many different blackjack gaming tables, but in fact they are all one, developed by many different vendors and Empire777 to bring them all for you to choose freely.


The Multi-hand Blackjack allows you to increase the tempo of the game with 5 different hands, each game you will handle all 5 hands and all these 5 cards compare directly with the house.

Play blackjack in the Live Casino area

This area is like the world without sleep at online casinos. Here, players play cards directly with the dealer with real cards, true cards, real results. The only thing is that the player and the dealer are connected via the Internet, the player tracks the live video stream and the results are processed simultaneously.

Detailed guide to playing baccarat at Malaysia online casino (Part 2)

Detailed guide to playing baccarat at Malaysia online casino (Part 2)

If the Player does not divide further (the Player has 6 or 7 points), then the Banker door will only be divided if there is a score of 2 of the current cards less than 6. If there are 6 points and the Player’s score is 7 then still stopped without further division.

Where Player has an additional split, this is the most complicated step in Baccarat. At this time, if the Player’s 3rd card is as follows.

9, A, or 10 or more

Banker hand dealt more cards when the score is less than 3, from 3 or more stops.

2 or 3

Banker door is further divided when the total current score is less than 5, from 5 or more stops.

4 or 5

Divide if the number of the first 2 points is less than 6, if there are 6 or 7 points, stop, do not divide.

6 or 7

Split the Banker door when the number of points is smaller than 7 and stop only when there are 7 points.

If the Player’s third card is an 8 card, the card will be divided further by Banker when this card has a score smaller than 3, and the rest will not be divided when 3 or more points are given.

The method of reviewing Banker cards is summarized in the following table.

The first column is the value of the third card of the Player door, the next column is the number of points at which this level the Banker card will divide another card, the next column is when the Banker’s door stops and does not divide further.

After reviewing the Banker hand, the total score of each card is compared and decided whether the game result is Banker winning, Player winning or Tie (Tie).

Online Casino address to play Baccarat for free

In Malaysia today, there are a number of online casino bookmakers offering free Baccarat tables, such as M88 and Dafabet. In their Casino area, there are free tables, giving players an example for players to practice the rules and familiarize themselves with the steps and atmosphere at online casinos.

In addition, if you are familiar with Baccarat rules and want to increase the dramatic in each game, you can recharge at online Casino to play entertainment. Especially when you deposit money, you can play at online casino games, play real cards, share real cards, real people are broadcast live via the website system, giving you a feeling like in real casinos.

Detailed guide to playing baccarat at Malaysia online casino (Part 1)

Detailed guide to playing baccarat at Malaysia online casino (Part 1)

Baccarat is a popular card game at all online casinos, from casinos in lucky cities like Las Vegas, Maccau, etc. to online casinos.

This game of chance has the largest number of players currently, we will guide the correct game rules and details of this interesting card game.

1. Game objectives and basic information

This game is completely based on luck. Baccarat has 2 cards (also called hand), is the Player and Banker, each card is dealt a certain number of cards, 2 or 3 cards. In the end, there will be the same points as when playing a three card game in Malaysia, whichever is greater than that one wins. The player is not fixed on which door to bet on which Player door will win, Banker door will win or can bet on Tie option – two doors tie.

The way of calculating points is as follows: leaves from A to 9 are counted with the right score, leaves of 10 or more count as 0 point. If the total score is greater than 10, the remainder will be taken when dividing the total score by 10, for example 15 points will be calculated as 5 points.

Normal payout

Player pays 1 for 1, Banker pays 0.95 for 1, Tie (8) pays 8 or 9 times depending on the online Casino house.

2. Detailed play steps

Initially, each card will be dealt 2 cards, the first card dealt to the Player door. Each card can be dealt an additional card or not, depending on the score of the first 2 cards. To make it easy to understand we will look at each case.

If one of the two doors has a score of 8 or 9 on the first 2 cards: Called Natural Win, the game ends and the winning belongs to the fixed door of 8 or 9. If the two doors with 8 or more points, the higher the door is the winning bet, if it’s equal then the result is Tie (Tie), not dealt more cards.

If no door wins naturally, the player’s hand will be dealt first, remember to always consider the player’s hand first.

Consider the Player door

If Player has a score between 0 – 5

Divide 1 more card by this door.

If the Player has 6 or 7 points then stop, no more.

After the Player has finished, check the Banker door.

Frequently asked questions about w88 online casino (Part 2)

Frequently asked questions about w88 online casino (Part 2)

There are many casino systems established in Malaysia and globally. However, it is not a good and reputable casino, so new entrants and long-term members also raises many questions about casinos, and questions about w88 online casino.

What is the origin and origin of the W88 or W88 dealer online?

W88 was founded in early 2010, we have headquarters in Manila, Philippines and are licensed to operate within the Cagayan Exclusive Economic Authority as an online gaming organization called Marque Holding Inc,.

What types of bets are distributed by the W88 dealer?

W88 online casino offers sports betting, online casino, online poker (w88 poker), capital and keno bets plus online 3D Slot games.

In what countries does W88 Casino operate?

W88 distribute key betting providers in Asian countries such as China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.

W88 arrested? W88 collapsed?

This is all false information, everyone, you should not believe it. Because the W88 dealer is too famous and reputable, it will be greatly rivaled detractors, demeaning, etc. W88 is a legal dealer, so if anyone says W88 was arrested, this is a fake rumor.

W88 collapsed? Actually, there is no such thing. Particularly, the homepage of W88 is equipped with a quite large server system, with very good load capacity, ensuring that all access is continuous and stable throughout 24/24.

Is it difficult to register a W88 account?

To be able to own a W88 account, you just need to follow our instructions, fill in all the necessary information, so it is complete. But it is important that you go to the W88 link provided by my side, so that it is safe, accurate and confidential.

Conclusion about W88

The W88 Dealer is a leading authority in Asia and Europe. You can feel secure when taking bets at W88. On the other hand, W88 Malaysia online casino always applies the latest technology to bring the best service quality to the players.

That’s all I want to share with you about the house W88. Hopefully through this article, you can better understand the W88 – One of the leading prestigious bookmakers today. If you find this article “W88 Link to Standard, Review & Detailed Instructions” useful, please share for everyone to see and help us.

Frequently asked questions about w88 online casino (Part 1)

Frequently asked questions about w88 online casino (Part 1)

With a reputable and quality house like W88, if you have not had the opportunity to experience the online game services, football betting, sports at W88. So be bold and try once said nghen, many attractive offers are waiting for you there.

In addition, in this article, I will answer some other questions related to the W88 dealer. These are mostly problems that players often encounter, especially those who are new to w88 betting.

Why are links on W88 or blocked in our country?

Currently, betting in Malaysia has not been legalized (both online and traditional betting offline). Therefore, operators in Malaysia must block users’ IP access to these betting sites. It is not natural for them to block links to betting sites, but because they are forced to follow instructions from the Ministry of Culture and Information.

Of course, links to W88 will also be blocked, which is unavoidable. But my side still has a solution to help you comfortably access the W88 link. So you don’t need to worry about this.

How to gamble at W88 effectively?

Before participating in any betting game, you should know beforehand the rules of each game, how to play it. At that point, you will know what you should do to win.

When playing any betting game at W88, if you are not familiar with how to play then bet just the right amount, once you get used, increase the amount of the bet. Due to the online betting games at W88, there are a lot of participants. So, you can learn from the experience of other players, especially longtime betting players.

What country is W88?

The W88 dealer is operated by a well-known corporation in the Philippines, headquartered in the city center.

Is W88 legal?

The W88 dealer is licensed to operate in online betting in the Philippines. You can feel secure when taking bets at W88.

The essential online poker tips for new players (Part 3)

The essential online poker tips for new players (Part 3)

Do not let the amount bet reveal your cards

People may also be exposed (to their adversary) because of their stakes. More specifically, they decide the amount of bet according to the strength of cards they have. You can read more of such an example that I mentioned here.

In fact, this way of playing is often very effective against weak opponents. Many experts recommend betting bigger with a strong hand against recreational players and less when bluffing or having a weaker hand.

Why? Because these opponents won’t pay close attention to your betting habits.

On the contrary, good players will pay attention. That is the reason when kicking But with them you need to standardize your bet in any situation.

For example, when you c-bet a flop of an amount equal to 60% of the pot, for example, you should bet the same amount regardless of whether you have a top pair, middle pair or absolutely nothing.

Manage your bankroll if you think the odds of winning are quite low

In this section, an advice on managing online poker accounts, but it is quite important. This rule is often ignored by players because if they lose, the player tends to remove it.

However, if things are going bad, it’s best to stop playing. Do not use the money to continue trying such red and black luck.

Increase the ability to learn

To gain experience, make more progress when playing online Poker the only shortest way is to learn from the people who go first, from which practice, and stumble into new problems to know to continue. This is true not only when playing Poker games but also for every other game.

For gamers, working regularly on forums and communities to share and discuss matches becomes familiar to them. It is very useful and has a big impact on whether or not you play win. Studying on a forum is a lot better than having to follow someone.

So I have shared with you the tips for playing Online Poker, which are all very necessary for beginners to play online poker at the prestigious big poker house. Hope you will absorb and apply it well when playing.

The top benefits of betting on Online Malaysia Casino

The top benefits of betting on Online Malaysia Casino

In general, betting on Online Malaysia Casino has existed and developed for 20 years. Compared to betting sites since early days and today, there are so many changed about advanced technology, method of betting, kind of betting or the prizes. Betting on Malaysia Casino Online is granted as the important industry in this nation which contributes to develop and introduce image of Malaysia to international friends.

Estimated that there are millions of people all over the world can place their wagers online. In term of the positive aspect, betting on Online can bring good benefits for gamblers who like and addict to sport betting.

This article will share top the outstanding benefits of placing bets. Maybe after this article, you have a good look about the advantage of placing bets.

1/ Convenience

Imagine you live in California and stay at home on a Sunday afternoon and place sport betting for the football match hold in the state of Nevada. All your mission is turning on laptop, visiting a betting site, making a deposit, starting to place the wager and enjoying the match. Everything becomes easy and convenient when placing online.

If you use traditional wager, you have to go to the stadium, buy a ticket then place money at the transaction table. It’s more complicated when the football match will be organized at another city, not your hometown.

2/ Safety

Firstly, some people worry that registering in an Online Malaysia Casino site but giving real money. The fact that, almost online betting sites are licensed and regulated in the reputable operations by the Government. Hence, they have to comply the rules about payment or withdraw. If any risk happens, the Government will protect your right.

The fact that, some gamblers are easy to misunderstand about odds and choose notorious websites. Because they offer surprising odds. You should check carefully information about the online site.